My story

A Human being changing power is enormous. One story, one life.

Erme Martin

Erme Martin

I am Erme Martin and one among you, ordinary/special person, who has come to follow my path in this world.

I was born in Tallinn, however, after receiving my general diploma I worked and lived in Saaremaa for a long time. Later on, I moved back to my hometown Tallinn. Most of the time I worked in financial intermediation companies (banks, insurances, leasing) on different positions: as a customer service, sales manager, representation manager and financial advisor. Therefore, I too have a very pragmatical side, it means that I have two feet on the ground.

After a serious woe, different questions came up, and I started looking for answers to these questions. What is happening in the human brain? Where behavioural patterns come? How happenings in our minds affect our body? How to find balance in this noisy environment. What do I really do on earth and if I personally am happy with all that?

I started studying again. Together with a psychology degree, I have an experience in psychological counselling and psychotherapy, both acquired from the University of Tartu. Also, I have made acquaintance with different therapies. There are a lots of branches of therapies in the world. Some therapists consider the most important person’s changes of thinking, some put the priority on feelings, some only deal with bodies.

I have travelled to many different countries, have made acquaintances with lots of people and cultures. Real close have I come to Buddhism. To understand Buddhism better, one should keep in mind, that this world religion values the right lifestyle and spiritual practices, not abstract philosophy.

I wrote my thesis titled “Applying the basics of Buddhism in everyday life and in the western psychological therapy.”

So my focus and activities are headed to my and other people's inner balance and a psychological / mental health: by combining oriental and western approaches. The experience gained from life is like pearls one after another in a row, each of the following has grown out of the previous one, every thought and deed to build our future. Every experience, happy or sad, happiness or disappointing, gives the knowledge and skills that will help to cope with the following better.

People are looking for answers to their questions: Why is life so complicated and why our present civilisation has degenerated into the contradiction of clinching. If philosophy, psychology, self-help groups, and even religion cannot cope with offering helpful ideas. Then people will start to look these ideas inside of them. The entrance into the inner conscious spirituality may open using qvartz.

My first contact with crystals was in India and realisation that more people every day try to find solutions to their problems came to me when I visited Brazil crystal mountains located in Joao De Deus. From there also comes crystal lightning therapy that in Estonia already thousands of people are experiencing.

Quartz crystals are multi-purpose tools used as a treatment and meditation equipment. Programmed healing crystals act as healer / meditators own body energy rechargers.

People are difficult human beings, they exist on several levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All levels are interconnected, and function together. The system is complete to the last detail. However, interactions are all different depending on both the genetic and social factors. Why should our illnesses be the exception?

Any illness is a process beginning with the energetic level. Most illnesses come from emotional and

spiritual crises. All diseases operate for the specific purpose. It describes the evolution of life principle. A disease like everything else can be a very enlightening experience. Every disease has a lesson for us, and it is possible that the reason why we stay sick, is that it is the only way to acquire this lesson. What do these lessons mean to us, is a very personal: the reason for our illness has to be found only by ourselves.

What keeps me open to discover this mystical world, despite the academic education, is this seemingly mysterious and unconscious awareness. Life itself! For me, it is mystical how the wound is able to heal.

The disease is like a computer cancel button in our lives. Illness tells us: “Change your lifestyle or way of thinking. ” This is not associated with shame or guilt, but the courage to change and evolve. Maybe this is why we live in this world?

I think that we really cannot know what the world really is; It all depends on whose eyes are watching it. At least in my eyes, the human body is a living energy system.

Travelling the world I have discovered that no matter where in the world people live in, all of them wish for similar things: health, happiness, peace, love, abundance and freedom. Inside us we have our own inner wisdom. We only need to learn to listen and act like our own body tells us.

Thank you!