Crystal Bed Therapy

Many doctors practicing in East Asia, Africa and South America search illnesses from the soul at first and only then try to impair the body. The approach of several Japanese and American native people is to study first and foremost the family, life style or environment of the diseased person. Moving on from here it would be wise to guess that the complaints (illness, stress, bad relationship) refer in some part to the illness of the whole essence and vice versa. If we believe that we are bad then it may cause bad feeling, make us think bad thoughts about others and finally lead to physically bad feeling. This is quite clear that this can happen only when the body, soul and mind are connected to each other.



The holistic approach finds that human beings have an ability to treat themselves, i.e. move back to normal balance condition in large part by „leading themselves“. The balance is a harmony between the body, soul and mind and a harmony between a human being and surrounding environment. Harmonised persons are in life flow and use their potential in a creative way, feel satisfied with themselves and their activities. Attention is targeted to persons, not to their illnesses.

Since ancient times, the quartz crystals have been valued for their healing and purifying properties. These crystals are helping in case of self-healing; they are helping to bring the spirit, body and mind to integrity and harmony.

The mechanism of the crystal light therapy is called Crystal Bed (Crystal Bed Therapy – a world famous name of this therapy), the most important part of which is a construction with the mountain crystals on the top of the multipartite levers.

The quartz crystals used in the therapy have developed in the bowels of the earth from gas and minerals 2 million years ago. This therapy is based on the principle of triple treatment: music, crystals and colourful light that create vibrations, the frequencies of which balance person's energy systems through the chakras or energy centres. The main presumption for good health is indeed the free movement of energy in chakras.


What are chakras and how do the obstacles form in chakras?

The chakras regulate, maintain and lead the physical, emotional, spiritual and soulful facets of our essence on the physical level. The chakras are the gates between our body, mind and soul. The term chakra originates from Sanskrit and means the wheel of light. According to Indian traditional medicine, these are the wheel-shaped rotating fine matter vortices that are located on the surface of fine body.

Chakras or energy centres are the awareness centres of a human being. These are energy vortices that are invisible to the eye and belong to the aura of a human being. Seven chakras are in line along the spine, going through the pelvis area to the top of the head. The energy of chakras affects the functioning of all organs and glands; and our feelings, thoughts and emotions depend on chakras.

In case of many people, the chakras function with a very small power as the life problems and emotions are stuck in them. These in turn lead to several physical and mental problems, in case of which people cannot very often find any solutions and where also the contemporary medicine is forced to surrender.Chakras3

Most of us react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our senses and therefore by stopping our natural flow of energy. This hinders the development and maturing of chakras, which leads to blocking some of the perfectly balanced psychological functions. When the energy flow becomes weaker, it may very likely lead to a physical problem (illness). This applies to all chakras. When we suppress some experience (or feeling), we block with this the respective chakra and distort it. The chakras will be blocked, clogged up with halted energy, start to rotate unevenly or counter-clockwise. If you become ill as a result of this then the chakra is seriously damaged. When the chakras function normally then they are all opened, swirl clockwise, acquiring generally from outside the necessary energy that is distinctive for everyone.

The specialists of alternative treatment say that when the person is young and full of life then the chakras rotate synchronously and with even speed. But when a person becomes older, the movement of energy centres become arythmical, which in turn speeds up ageing and weakens the immune system.

The movement of energy can also be disturbed by stress, unhealthy life style and excessive emotions. The main function of the chakras is the energy exchange between human body and surrounding environment. Negative thoughts and emotions lead to illnesses because the energy flow is distorted. It is easier to impair pure energetic disorders than those that have already developed to the form of physical illnesses.


The Crown Chakra is like a lotus of a thousand petals that connects us with divinity. Purple crystal light has a healing effect on the nervous system, psyche, brain, kidneys, bladder, and lymph nodes; it purifies blood and impedes the formation of tumours. Purple increases sensitivity and has a calming effect.




The Third Eye or the pineal gland is related to internal seeing, visualizing and creating. Indigo blue crystal light has a healing effect on the eyes, nose, ears and lungs; it treats asthma, eczemas, heals wounds and varicose veins, alleviates stress, and influences the emotional and mental levels.




The Throat Chakra is related to our internal truth, self-expression, voice and sound vibrations. Blue crystal light has a healing effect on the throat and muscle tone; it alleviates headaches, anxiety, nervousness, fever, insomnia, menstrual pains. Blue creates calming vibrations.




The Heart Chakra is the connecting link between the three lower chakras or matter and the three upper chakras or the spirit. The heart centre is the centre of peace and harmony. Green crystal light has a healing effect on the heart and lungs; it heals ulcers, headaches, asthma and cancer, and alleviates insomnia and anxiety. Green inspires, freshens and instils optimism






The Solar Plexus Chakra is the centre of personal strength. Yellow crystal light has a healing effect on the skin, muscles, liver and heart; it stimulates brain activity as well as sensitivity, and alleviates depression, diabetes, constipation and arthritis. Yellow increases the power of will.




The Sacral Chakra is related to relationships, sexuality, sensuality and creativity. Orange crystal light has a healing effect on the kidneys, spleen, lungs; it alleviates spasms, cramps, chronic rheumatism. Orange is stimulating and warming.





The Root Chakra connects us with the energies of the earth. Red crystal light has a healing effect on blood circulation, spine, the nervous system, genital organs, colon and rectum; it alleviates anaemia, malnutrition, weakness, muscle tension, paralysis. Red releases adrenalin and provides vitality.


How to prepare for the session?

No special preparations are required. But for the best results we suggest you to wear white or light clothing. During the session you will be wearing clothes; you only have to remove your jewellery and crystals. Just be open-minded, receptive and calm. In such condition you will be more receptive toward the healing energies that flow into you.


The Session

The session lasts for 40 minutes. You will lie on your back on the massage table, and we will place 7 extraordinarily pure crystals on your energy centres or chakras. Each quartz crystal has been treated in quality, in order to radiate specific vibration frequency and colour that is specific to each particular chakra. During the session, the crystals radiate light energy and colours from root chakra to crown chakra. Blinking in a specific rhythm, they purify and align your energies. At the same time, the calming music helps to relax your body even more and open you up to the healing vibrations that flow into your body.


The Crystal Bed Therapy improves your immune system and balances and purifies your mental, emotional and physical body. Each healing session is a unique and nonrecurring experience. During the session, you may feel the sense of warmth or pins and needles in some parts of the body. Usually the crystals take you to supreme relaxation and calm condition so you can just fall asleep and feel extremely refreshed when you wake up. At the same time you may have some spiritual experience.

The crystals upon the client function as natural lasers by concentrating, magnifying and radiating crystalline energy towards the seven energy centres of your body.

The Crystal Bed Therapy is a powerful means for releasing the obstacles and deadlocks that have formed in chakras.

The crystal light therapy is sometimes also called a developed chromotherapy device. Chromotherapy is a therapy by light and colours. The principle of chromotherapy is that the light that consists of electromagnetic waves of various lengths (colour depends on their length) entrenches to the tissues and carries some kind of energy with it. Whereby each colour radiates differently and therefore different colours affect a person in a different way.

Nowadays it has been found that monochromatic light affects the vital indicators of the organism: blood pressure, pulse and breathing.

Where does the Crystal Light Therapy come from?

The Crystal Bed comes from Brazil, from famous Joao de Deus healing centre or Casa de Dom Inácio that is located in crystalline mountains. Casa is a wonderful and naturally special place for its energies and for its  wonderful healings in the sense of conventional medicine. The crystal beds are used in the centre as one of the methods of healing.

For additional information about the crystal light therapy or crystal bed is available on the following website:


Scientific approach to crystal light therapy

Up to 70% of human body consists of water. Water molecules can take various forms. In healthy body cells, the water molecules are regular-shaped, but in damaged body cells, the water molecules are irregular.

Molecular structure of crystals is one of the most regular-shaped that can be found in the nature. The light that passes the crystal resonates with its structure and that in turn influences the water molecules in our cells, making them again beautiful and regular-shaped. The structure of water impairs in our body. That means that one explanation about the healing effect of the crystal therapy is that the vibration that occurs in the crystals resonates with the water molecules in our body and improves their structure.

Most of our scientific comprehensions in the field of crystal therapy originate from Dr. Marcel Vogel who dedicated his life to studying quartz crystals. He carried out various tests, during which he studied the ability of crystals to affect physical processes. The results of the experiments were, as follows:

  • A crystal that is cut in a certain way generates continuous constant vibration at the same frequency as water in its purest state.
  •  Moving water accepts the vibration of the crystal through the resonant interaction and via transferred charge it restructures water.
  •  A cut crystal is able to change the structure of water. As we consist up to 70% of water, it is possible to influence significantly our health by an appropriate method.

Additional information:

Gained experiences

Each person who has experienced this therapy has described his/her experience in a different way – it is unique and depends on the state, needs and awareness of a person. This experience is perfectly individual.

  • Clearer thoughts and better concentration ability
  • Less stress and better feeling
  • Deep relaxation
  •  Increase of sensitivity in senses
  •  Increased calmness with oneself (balanced chakras)
  •  Deeper mental understanding of oneself and life situations
  •  You get guidance on how to cope best with your illnesses or problems
  • Releases negative emotions

Love yourself – come to balance and purify your soul, body and mind!