The Crown Chakra is like a lotus of a thousand petals that connects us with divinity. Purple crystal light has a healing effect on the nervous system, psyche, brain, kidneys, bladder, and lymph nodes; it purifies blood and impedes the formation of tumours. Purple increases sensitivity and has a calming effect.




The Third Eye or the pineal gland is related to internal seeing, visualizing and creating. Indigo blue crystal light has a healing effect on the eyes, nose, ears and lungs; it treats asthma, eczemas, heals wounds and varicose veins, alleviates stress, and influences the emotional and mental levels.




The Throat Chakra is related to our internal truth, self-expression, voice and sound vibrations. Blue crystal light has a healing effect on the throat and muscle tone; it alleviates headaches, anxiety, nervousness, fever, insomnia, menstrual pains. Blue creates calming vibrations.




The Heart Chakra is the connecting link between the three lower chakras or matter and the three upper chakras or the spirit. The heart centre is the centre of peace and harmony. Green crystal light has a healing effect on the heart and lungs; it heals ulcers, headaches, asthma and cancer, and alleviates insomnia and anxiety. Green inspires, freshens and instils optimism




The Solar Plexus Chakra is the centre of personal strength. Yellow crystal light has a healing effect on the skin, muscles, liver and heart; it stimulates brain activity as well as sensitivity, and alleviates depression, diabetes, constipation and arthritis. Yellow increases the power of will.




The Sacral Chakra is related to relationships, sexuality, sensuality and creativity. Orange crystal light has a healing effect on the kidneys, spleen, lungs; it alleviates spasms, cramps, chronic rheumatism. Orange is stimulating and warming.





The Root Chakra connects us with the energies of the earth. Red crystal light has a healing effect on blood circulation, spine, the nervous system, genital organs, colon and rectum; it alleviates anaemia, malnutrition, weakness, muscle tension, paralysis. Red releases adrenalin and provides vitality.

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